Capture 2020

Capture 2020 is a video production company that helps businesses create lead generating social media platforms by developing a virtual brand that tells a story.


Target Audience

Capture 2020 is looking for companies with enthusiasm and ambition to innovate. Social media outlets are a great way to interact with clients and create a community that has the capability to grow. There are many ways of telling stories and we’d like to help you tell yours.



Capture2020 is an innovative company who is looking for millennials with artistic entrepreneurial characteristics. Capture 2020 aims to have a traveling studio bus with a crew of four members attending Expo 2020 in Dubai, three years from now.



Capture 2020 was established in 2017 by Ben Scholte, a 20-year-old student who attends the entrepreneurial program at Algonquin College in Ottawa. Ben is a world explorer and a business leader. He has worked on projects in Italy, Canada, Denmark, and the United States. Ben is a serial Entrepreneur with artistic characteristics and is open new opportunities.



Capture2020 is a Video production company located in Collingwood and Ottawa, Ontario with vision to expand to the United states hosting production expeditions worldwide.